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Beer Storage Temperatures

Maintaining temperature in your beer coolers is important. Miranda Solutions Group provides a low cost temp monitoring solution with unlimited alerting via SMS text and email, web and mobile app to access your data.

Temperatures Are Rising – How Sensors Can Help You During A Power Outage

Temperatures are rising which means refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners will be working overtime to keep foods and guests cool.  Identifying which foods must be thrown vs. kept can be risky, when you don’t know the two important things – time and temperature of the foods during that power outage. Unless you were constantly checking by opening and closing your fridge/freezer doors to check which means, you were not only burning labor hours but also increasing to the rising temperature.

FDA Food Safety

Consumers deserve to be confident in the safety of the food supply. Because farmers and food manufacturers want their customers, as well as their business, to thrive. But most importantly: Because too many of our citizens are still getting sick and dying of foodborne illness – and we can do better. No, we MUST do better.